Our story

We are Yael Levin and Ziv Radomsky, the parents of 11.5 year old Arielle, 10.5 year old Noam and 8 year old Amitai and this is the story of the "Kidiz family"

It all started with a beautiful girl, full of the joy of life and sharp-Instincts, with a degree in design and a smiling guy, originally from country side, with a master's degree in physical education.

They look at each other at the party and know that the love story begins.

We soon became proud parents to three children, two sweet daughters Arielle and Noam and a real cute son. The world outside continues to hurry and as parents we dedicate ourselves to save our family magic moments – to the common language, to games of togetherness, to shared activities of fun and love

Inspired by these magical moments we set up Kidiz a toy import business and today a decade after and a second before the kids were too big we decided to pack our bags to go on a world-wide family journey that combines experiences, studies, life routine and work.

With love

Kidiz family

Ziv, Yael, Arielle, Noam and Amitai Radomsky-Levin

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